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Case Studies

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Case Study L'Oréal

L’Oréal is the world’s leading cosmetic, skincare and haircare company with thousands of products spanning consumer, luxury and professional ranges. L’Oréal employs 180 staff members including nationwide sales representatives, working to create a strong brand presence in hair salons, pharmacies, department and variety stores and grocery outlets throughout New Zealand. L’Oréal’s use of Neotek Sales Force Automation has resulted in increased sales, reduced costs and greatly improved customer service.

"The biggest benefit for us is the improvement in our service times. As soon as that order is in the system we’re servicing the customer. Our people might take an order from a customer in Invercargill before noon on Monday, for example, and it’s delivered the next day.”
- Andrew McCutcheon, Director of Finance, L’Oreal

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Case Study G.U.D

G.U.D (NZ) Ltd is the manufacturer of RYCO branded automotive filters, which includes air, oil and fuel filters. They are the leading after-market filter supplier in New Zealand and have utilised Neotek's comprehensive vehicle cataloguing system to drive growth.

"Neotek listened to us, taking the time to understand our specific requirements, rather than try to force us into an off-the-shelf solution.”
- Rick Nutter, National Sales & Marketing Manager, G.U.D

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Case Study Applico Group

Applico Group is a leading distributor of premium kitchen appliances and spare parts sourced from throughout the world. Applico has exclusive New Zealand distribution rights to Smeg and Classique from Italy, St George from Australia and Viking from the USA. Applico utilise the eCommerce, print and CD catalogue modules to power sales for their retailers, service agents and customers.

As our business has grown, so have the service and information requirements of our partners. Neotek Enterprise provided us the tools to improve our customer service and create a significant competitive advantage.
- Rachel Louie, General Manager, Applico

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